About Us

Welcome to Wine Kitz on 116 Avenue B North in beautiful Saskatoon.

We are Val and Maurice Bonnet, owners and operators of Wine Kitz on Avenue B North. We have been home wine makers for over 25 years, and use our knowledge and experience to help you make wines you’ll love to enjoy and share with family and friends, at a fraction of the cost of retail!

Our store is conveniently located and easily accessible, with plenty of free on-street parking.

TIP: Is there a wine you enjoy commercially? Just ask! We’ll be happy to help you replicate it, costing you far less than the commercial equivalent.

Visit our ‘Why Wine Kitz?’ page for more about our store, our philosophy, and our quality products.

Background / History

We began retailing the Wine Kitz brand in April 2005, at our Saskatoon 3rd Ave. (Galon Center) store.

In 2009, the character of our business and industry changed dramatically, when the Provincial government introduced legislation allowing “Brew on Premises” operations, which meant we could provide the premises for you to make your wines. This was a very exciting time for us – and our customers!

See our ‘In Store Winery’ page for more about on-premises winemaking.

We moved to 116 Avenue B North in October 2009 to take advantage of these new opportunities. We needed more space, and with 2750 square feet of floor space, ours is one of the largest U-vint operations in Western Canada.

The new store is bright, open and spacious, allowing for the fermentation of over 500 wine kits at a time. No appointment is required to start a batch of wine, and it only takes a few minutes to start. You’ll then come back in 4-8 weeks and bottle your wine…that’s it!

This is a fun, easy and affordable way to craft fantastic wines, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We look forward to meeting you!

Val and Maurice